Offline Advertising: The Print Edition

Offline Advertising: The Print Edition

Regardless of the industry youre involved in, active marketing is going to be essential for your success. Keep in mind that new brands need to be heard of, and existing ones remembered. For this, you have different advertising methods at your disposal, from the traditional to the digital.

There are different ways by which companies can promote their goods and services to the proper target markets. Apart from online adverts, television commercials, or spots on the radio, one of the most popular ways to advertise is through print. Everything from billboards in high-traffic locations, to magazine spreads and simple flyers can get your message across.

But what are the general advantages of printed materials, and why should companies continue working with commercial printers despite being in a highly-technical online world? Well, for one, printed media can easily provide brands with expanded reach.

Magazines, catalogues, and even newsprint have no expiry date. For as long as this tangible marketing element is in the possession of an individual, you can rest assured that your prospects will be able to see your ad repeatedly, and over a long period of time.

Given that its tangible, your consumer will also have the ability to read your ad thoroughly, examining every line and assessing the accompanying imagery. In this case, the better designed your ad is, the better chances you have of catching the eye of your potential client.

And unlike pop-ups or online ads that people love blocking, printed ones are not as intrusive and so are better accepted by the buying public. TVCs and radio plugs, in the same way as digital pop-ups, tend to annoy people as they interrupt the latters viewing, listening, and Web surfing sessions. The reader on the other hand can control print.

With printing companies able to produce an assortment of printed ads in different formats, brands also gain the ability to choose which placements theyd like to have for a specific product or service. This is niche marketing at its finest. For example, an apparel store can advertise in a fashion magazine, while a camera company can work with tech publications.

Something else that other forms of advertising cannot achieve is the establishment of a loyal following. With print, companies can take advantage of loyal readership. There are people who subscribe to certain publications for long periods of time. In knowing this, companies can deploy offline-marketing materials to run across several months worth of magazines for example.

Companies can also try different placements for their campaigns based on what their budget will allow. They wont be limited to three lines on Google or a standard banner online. Companies can also choose specific locations within a magazine for example, and not be limited to a website header or footer.