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If Advertising allows a company to reach many times more users reliably than word of mouth. Word of mouth is a great tool, well cultivated by exceptional service and value for money , but how often do you personally talk to someone about their potential new broadband provider? The answer is rarely at best.

If your company specializes in offering bespoke, custom services to a small number of clients (usually high value CLV) then word of mouth might be your best option.

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Business success depends on efficiency. This is where all activities in a business are done on a timely manner and with precision, this helps in cost cutting and good customer relationship.

Business leaders often think of “efficiency” and “productivity” as synonyms, two sides of the same coin.

When it comes to strategy, however, efficiency and productivity are very different.

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If you are one of the few, however, that charge large volume transactions regularly using credit cards, and settle the balance in full on a monthly basis to prevent the majority of the interest and charges, an affinity card might be an affordable choice for you to make regular contributions to charity.

Another thing to bear in mind when thinking about affinity cards for contribution functions, is that contributions and contributions made through the use of a credit card are not tax-deductible given that the contribution is really a contract agreement between the card issuer and the charity- and not from your pocket.

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