Find The Best Keywords For Any Business Campaign

Find The Best Keywords For Any Business Campaign

Guest post by Zac Dillon – SEO Marketing


Most local companies are in clueless about which keywords are the best for their business. Most likely you are trying to target a word or phrase that is too broad. Even if you want your business to rank highly in Google for broad keywords, you need to start with easy phrases. Your online marketing campaign will be much more successful. Here’s why:

In general keywords are meant to attract web users to get into your business website and read your content. Basically, keywords are those phrases or words that web users will search for to get into a certain website. It is therefore very important that your business website should have keywords that will attract many searches. Which keywords to target for my business? This is one of the questions many entrepreneurs have been asking themselves. Consider the following examples for selecting the best keywords for your website:

Long Tail Keywords

In the business environment, people who search for long keywords are believed to be closer to the buying stages. More so, long keywords are less competitive as compared to shorter keywords. This is perfect for local SEO and business marketing. This will therefore attract a lot more traffic to your website enhancing sales. To select long keywords, consider using both your product and service titles.

Latent semantic indexing.

The best keywords is all about relevance. Make sure your keyword has as many related terms as possible. Search engine will rank your website high when you have many related terms to your main key phrase. In selecting related terms to your keyword phrase, search the keyword in any browser. A list of options related to your keyword will be presented. Pick on some of them to make an attractive final key phrase for your website.

Consider Trends.

Trends refer to what is high on the market. In selecting a keyword for your business, make sure you consider trending keywords so far on web search engines. Try to make your key phrase similar to one of these trending key phrases which is similar to your business niche. This will help your business to attract a lot of traffic easily. You can use Google Trends to check which key phrases are trending.

Use Location Based Keywords In Your SEO.

You must be sure this will only attract a higher traffic in your local search results. You can add your country, region or even city to your final key phrase. Location key phrases will enhance both online purchasing of goods and services and even in-store purchase. This strategy works best for those business entities with physical locations for the business. Target such keywords if your market is mostly of the local population.

Consider Competition.

Usually keywords are set to popularize a business entity and what they offer. Most business people will want their business to grow over time. This therefore mean they have to choose low-competitive keywords that will attract more and more traffic as time goes by. Otherwise, if you want your business to grow very fast over a short period of time, consider using competitive keywords. Short keywords are always competitive. But you should know this is a risk you are putting your business in.


In conclusion, best keywords will drive more web users to your business. Consider using the above example to extract a good key phrase for your business. Otherwise, you can also seek more help online at Google Keyword Research tool or even Worldtracker. Choose the best key phrase to enhance development of your business. Always make sure you give researcher the best options for all types of work they want to complete.